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Vertical Axis vs Wind Turbine

The big debate in the home wind power generators market today revolves around whether a vertical axis wind power generator, or a traditional wind turbine is more effective. Here are a few facts to consider.

A vertical axis wind power generator can come in two basic designs. The first design resembles a drum style fan. It has places going around the basic shape of a barrel, standing on end. This design looks interesting, and can work. The problem is in efficiency. To have effective home wind generators you need to have high efficiency. This style of vertical axis generator can typically be 20% efficient which can be below the standards set by wind turbine wind powered generators.

The second style of vertical axis wind power generator is the Darrieus design. This form of home wind power generators are more efficient. They approach the efficiency of the wind turbine, only falling about 5% short. With a 30% efficiency, they could be considerred to be a high efficiency system.

The Darrieus design for wind powered generators does have a few potential shortcomings though. First, they are almost always ground mounted. They require guy wires to make sure the system stay upright, making it very difficult for a rooftop installation. The reason this become problematic is due to wind currents, and wind disruption. By studying a wind map, you can see the most efficient power is up higher in the air, and with ground level disruption you lose tremendous amounts of power. Wind which has been disrupted and becomes turbulent is very inefficient, and is scattered energy. You need smooth flowing, clear air for the best power production.

The wind turbine design has the added need to turn around on an axis to orient to the wind, where a vertical axis system is always in the wind. While this sounds like a plus for the vertical axis wind power generator, it is also one of the reasons for its lower efficiency. Where the wind turbine faces into the wind and captures all the winds power, the vertical system captures wind on only one side, while the other side remains unused. The vertical axis system also generates tremendous centrifugal force, which could make it less reliable over the life of the product.

With the current state of technology, the wind turbine based home wind power generators are the preferred choice for many people. They may not appear as high-tech, but they can be more efficient, and possibly last longer. A wind turbine system can often last 15 to 30 years. Your investment calculated over the life time of your wind powered generators can be very low.

Vertical axis wind power generator systems are making great leaps and bounds, and the technology should be watched however today, your best investment very well may be a wind turbine.

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